Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas equals family

We have tons of family and it was awesome to see them all during the holidays. We actually went to OKC on Christmas Eve eve, went to Iowa the following Tuesday and returned to OKC for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Phew! Exhausting but awesome.

Everyone loved on our girl and was totally understanding of teething and her nap schedule. (Thank you, awesome family!)

p.s. There are a bajillion photos in this post. So, it might take a very long time to look at them all or, you might just want to come back another day when I'm back to posting much shorter fare. 

Helping Nana bake gingerbread boys Christmas Eve eve. 

Just hanging out with her favorite uncle.

This was about the time we discovered that Olivia had a tooth coming in... Where did my girl's gummy smile go? If I had known, I would have taken a ton of smiling pictures the day before. (p.s. Sabrina woke up looking like that, for real! So jealous.)

Olivia got to meet her new cousin Samantha. They're three and a half months a part in age and it pretty much boggled my mind to see the differences between them.

Olivia in her Christmas Eve dress - so cute and fancy! This was taken right before my cousins arrived but Olivia was in full on teething mode and she was so exhausted that they saw her for, maybe, five minutes. And, when Olivia is upset or napping, I clearly forget to take pictures. Sorry.

Ooh, but my two little cousins did tell me about the "bowser" they're getting..... Schnauzer, isn't that cute?!

Our stockings on Christmas morning.

My parents' tree.

Olivia and Nana.

Hanging out with Aunt B.

Ready to get this party started with Momma.

Her Fisher Price nativity set.

Enjoying the finer action flicks out there.

Behind that doorway is Russ getting Olivia to nap... The puppies are miffed that they've been abandoned to the hallway.

Olivia getting to know her Great Uncle Bob.

Olivia and Samantha hanging out. Please note that all the cool babies wore the same jammies for Christmas morning.

Uncle Thomas always makes her smile.

Examining the Christmas tree at my godparents' house.

Picture by Sue Kearns
Hanging out with her Papa and Goddaddy James. 

Picture by Sue Kearns

Picture by Sue Kearns
 My Papa. His birthday is today. :)

Picture by Sue Kearns
Yea, it's a good thing that she's done wearing her "My First Christmas" outfit because my long child had her tummy exposed a lot.

Picture by Sue Kearns
Olivia in her favorite lap.

Picture by Sue Kearns
Our holidays wouldn't have been complete without at least one drool-covered-chin photo. 

Picture by Sue Kearns
My family. :) 

Picture by Sue Kearns
 Semi-happy Olivia in our yearly girl pic.

Picture by Sue Kearns
Not happy at all.  It was time to leave and let her have a nap and some alone time. 

Picture by Sue Kearns
My love.

The day after Christmas when Olivia was entertaining her Great-Grandpa Ferguson.

Meeting her daddy's good friend Stephen for the second time in her life.

Olivia finally got to meet our friends Brock and Alisha and their daughter, Bailey.  My in-laws dining room became a regular nursery for a little while with three little ones hanging around.  

Bailey blew me a kiss. (I so wish this photo wasn't blurry because this moment was precious.) 

Another blurry photo.... A professional photographer I am not.

Olivia with Aunt Beth. We called Beth the baby whisperer because she loved to hold Olivia and Samantha and she could keep them happy for quite a long while.

Well, if you made it to the end of all these pictures - you probably deserve a cookie... Maybe a gingerbread cookie. :) 

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