Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jessie Boone, 2010 INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Courage Award Recipient

Jessie Boone and her family attend the church that I grew up attending in OKC. I have several memories of her, when she was baptized on the same Sunday as my sister, when she dressed up a sheep for vacation bible school and when she used to show me her gymnastics routines in the youth room. She is a vibrant, beautiful young lady and I can't tell you how much happiness I feel for her.

Update: For some reason I don't know how to make the sound work with the video, so please go to YouTube to check it out.

Ever since Jessie's accident, my family and I have been on the edge of our seats waiting for every update that Lisa, Jessie's mom, would post on her CarePage. They have always been full of hope and praise for Jesus and his amazing love, even in some of the hardest of times. It has been incredible to get to read about Jessie's growth as she overcomes so many hardships.

Instead of giving out favors at our wedding, we gave a donation to a fund that had been set up at our church for Jessie.

Miss Jessie, Keep working at it, girlfriend! You're a total rockstar and knocking all of our socks off at every turn.

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