Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Redman Triathlon

This last weekend, we went to OKC so that Russ could do the Redman Triathlon for the fifth year in a row. This was his fourth time to do the half ironman distance, 70.3 miles total. There was one crazy year when he did the full iron distance.... yea, he's nuts.

We got up at 4:40 to be leaving Russ' parents' house around 5:40 for Lake Hefner. That was crazy early (especially, since 4:40 OK time is 3:40 NM time, ugh) but it did give us a chance to see a beautiful Oklahoma sunrise.

Here the half iron distance triathletes are about to start the swim.

It was 1.2 miles long, again, triathletes are crazy.

Thomas hadn't slept much the night before, so he took a nap while Russ was out on the bike. And Pirate was really cold after walking through the dew covered grass and getting his legs and tummy soaking wet, so he wanted to cuddle under the blankets with Thomas.

Roxy just wanted her belly scratched. :) Both of my dogs were so good during the race. Everyone wanted to  pet them and share water with them.

Here he is heading out on the run course. I didn't get any pictures of him biking but that was the leg of the race that Russ felt the strongest. His training here in Los Alamos has gotten his lungs used to the altitude so they use oxygen more efficiently and his legs have gotten used to the intense hills that are all over. It was an awesome bike ride!

Here we all are hanging out and trying to find some respite from the super hot sun.

Russ' friend Stephen came to watch the end of the race. When Russ came into the turn-around for the run, Stephen ran with him for a few yards and even patted him on the back, which made his hand wet because Russ was super sweaty and had been pouring water on himself to stay cool. Eww.

Here he is looking good. His shoulders didn't look too sunburned yet also.

Here is Zach, one of Russ' friends from the OSU triathlon club. This was his first half iron distance triathlon and he got second in his age group! Lot of talent and skill here.

We were all so glad that Sabrina came to see the race. Hopefully, we'll get to hang out longer next time.

Doesn't Pirate look good with a faux-hawk? Sabrina did his hair after pouring some water on his head to help him cool off.

Russ got seventh in his age group.  Not his best time but it was still awesome and he had his best bike time ever! 

The Oklahoma heat was way more then we've gotten used to here in NM; it was hot!

Kaitlin, a friend from my sorority and the OSU Tri Club, finished her first half iron distance incredibly strong! She looked awesome and I love her pink sunglasses.

I'm so proud of him and, though I will never do a triathlon, I'm proud to be your triathlon groupie. :)

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  1. We are very proud of Russ! He did great! Thanks for sharing your pics, it was a wonderful week-end.