Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amy, Part Deux

Sorry for the HUGE delay is blogs posts. It's been a super busy week/weekend.

Here are more pictures from Amy's visit:

Roxy and Amy goofing around on the air mattress.

Amy purchased an apron for me as a housewarming present.

AND, it had quatrafoils all over the bottom ruffle! (A Phi Mu symbol.)

Even Roxy and Pirate loved loved sharing the couch with me and my apron.
Amy brought Russ a blue duck as his housewarming gift, she'd been searching for one for a long while. (It's a joke from Happy Gilmore)

Here Amy is posing with the creepy statue girl at the Railyard District in Santa Fe.

I love her and I'm so grateful she came to visit and watch lots of girly movies with me!

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