Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grillin' and Chilllin' :)

Saturday, after the Redman and some recovery time, we got to hang out with our friends and families at Russ' parents' house.

There was lots of food for everyone, which was important to Russ because, after 70.3 miles, he was VERY hungry. (So was I - we'll call it sympathy hunger after mentally and spiritually supporting him for 70.3 miles. :)

It was so much fun to have our friends come over and hang out with us.

We've missed them all so much. It used to be a regular thing for us all to get together for dinner and games. :(

I have no pictures from Friday night, but it was wonderful! I went with my parents and sister to dinner and then we met up with my friend Marge for a show that was starring my friend Holly. :) It was so much fun to sit for a relaxing hour with my family and just get to chill. And then Holly's play was hilarious and enjoying it with Marge was so much fun.

We're so blessed to have friends and family that will take time out of their busy schedules and see us during our less than 48 hours in OKC. And, contrary to this picture of the boys, we had lot so fun during our relaxing Saturday night. 

Thanks, guys!

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