Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend: The Black Hole

My parents, sister and Nana came to visit last weekend, it was great! 

Saturday, we stayed in Los Alamos and explored the area.  Our first stop was the Black Hole, a recycler of "nuclear waste," in other words, a surplus store of items no longer needed a the lab.

Becca was the only one who stayed at our house, my parents and Nana stayed at a hotel about a half mile away. Roxy really wanted to cuddle with Becca Saturday morning, so she crawled right onto the air mattress and went back to sleep. :)

Later in the morning, we took a driving tour of the town and then headed over to the Black Hole.

We spent the first several minutes wandering around outside of the store looking at all of the big items.

A bowling ball atom...

Some sinks and toilets (ewwww, a second-hand toilet!)....

The lights off the top of police cars....

A missile shell....

A sunflower made from missile shells (wouldn't that make a pretty yard decoration?)...

Inside, there were items everywhere; floor to ceiling, from the front of this huge store to the back. We saw ancient Mac computers, vacuums, beakers, fatigues, and an endless supply of electrical equipment parts.

We all had tons of fun and I know that if I'm ever looking for something specific and have a few spare hours, that's where I will go!

More Labor Day weekend pics will be posted later.

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