Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

A while back (before it started to get so cool), we found a hiking trail within walking distance of our house.  In fact, it was just a little bit off of our normal walking path.

It is a really nice, fairly easy hike that takes us slightly uphill. And for those of us who aren't long distance triathletes, that's totally appreciated.


The dogs love to explore all the new smells and run up and down the path until they're exhausted.

 At which point, one of us has to pick up Pirate because his little legs get so tired.

 He's getting old, too. Sweet boy.

On our way back home, Roxy tried to stalk a fake owl - she was torn between wanting to investigate the owl and wanting to be prepared to run away if it turned out to be real. Those plastic owls can be very scary.

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