Friday, October 22, 2010

Austin, Part 2

Saturday morning, we drove for 5 hours to get to Austin,

Russ' arm became a gate to keep the doggies out of the front seat for a little while.

As soon as we arrived, we went to Mellow Johnny's, the bike shop owned by Lance Armstrong. (And I made Russ pose with the "Lance" cut-out. :)

All seven of Lance's Tour de France jerseys were displayed on the wall.

His bikes from the Tour of California.

And a whole team's worth of Team Radioshack bikes.

There was even a pace car in the parking lot.

Mellow Johnny's was definitely worth a visit!

After that, we walked over to Walton's Fancy and Staple, a retaurant/gift shop owned by Sandra Bullock. No, we didn't see her, yes, I wanted to. (I love "The Proposal" and "Miss Congeniality"!)

I had a monte cristo and Russ and I shared a HUGE chocolate mousse, yum!

And then, we went to IKEA. It was awesome, HUGE and awesome. I so wish that I lived close to one of these stores because then my life would be so organized and stylish. :)

After that, we went and set up camp so that we get up early the next morning for the race.

More Austin later. :)

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