Sunday, October 24, 2010

Austin, Part 3

Sunday morning was the BIG day, we got up early and drove through a crazy traffic jam to get to the race. (Traffic was so bad that Russ got out of the car and walked a half mile, put down some of his race stuff and went to the bathroom in the time it took me to drive the half mile and get the car parked, lol.)

Right before the race began, two parachuters jumped out with an American flag as the "Star Spangled Banner" was being sung.

It was so cool!

(Russ wore his LANL shirt about rocket science before the race. :)

I love him.

Especially when he is getting creative and using a tree to help him stretch.

And off he goes!

Here he is after the swim.

And onto the bike!

Pirate and Roxy both thought Austin was a little toasty in comparison to Los Alamos.

And off he goes on the run.

Credit: Action Sports International
And here he is coming into the finish!!!! 5 hours, 39 minutes! 

(I'm using the pictures from the pros at the race bc I couldn't get anything like these.)

Credit: Action Sports International

I'm so proud! This was his first official Ironman trademark race.

And then we were back on the road with our sleepy puppies.

It was a fun weekend but we were so ready to head home!

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