Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Austin - Part 1

This last weekend, we drove to Austin, TX so that Russ could participate in the Ironman 70.3 Austin.

We put both of the back seats of the Element up on their side and made room for Russ' bike, all of our stuff and the dog bed.

Of course even with the dog bed in the back and plenty of room, both dogs wanted to be crammed into the front seat with us...

The drive was pretty enjoyable with lots of fun views. (It took us passing 3 or 4 trains for me to capture a picture that included the engine; they were moving super fast.)

I love car rides, especially when we listen to audiobooks! They're the best.

We passed several cotton fields as we were driving through Texas and they were just beautiful and not something that this Oklahoma-girl is used to seeing. (I'm totally used to wheat. :)

We drove for 8 hours on Friday and stopped to camp in Colorado City, TX.

Setting up everything was easy since we could anchor the dogs' leashes to the picnic table poles. :)

Roxy seemed to think that our tent was a very fitting location for her bed and porta-crate.

And both dogs enjoyed eating their breakfast the next morning in the car. They clearly had a very good nights' sleep, which is lucky because I woke up at 1 a.m. freezing!

FYI: I hate being cold.

Fortunately, the sunrise on Saturday was gorgeous and totally worth the uncomfortable sleep.

More Austin coming soon.

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise! Glad you weren't too frozen to take pictures!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend adventure!