Monday, October 1, 2012

Fifteen Months

My sweet girl, you are getting so very big! You have such a fun, independent spirit. You love to share your food and toys. You spend a lot of time taking your toys in and out of their containers or holders. 

You love to play with Roxy and it's even more fun when Daddy holds you and then he plays with Roxy.  

You're a rough and tumble kid. Without someone to stop you and enforce nap time or bedtime, you will play hard until you're beyond exhausted and, then, you'll play some more.   

You're learning all the time.  You know a whole lot of animal noises or moves (scorpion and snake are your moves). You love music! Anytime we turn on the radio or Pandora, you start to bop to the music. I love watching you dance and, last weekend when we were at Daddy's triathlon, you entertained at least a dozen people with your awesome moves. You've also learned to spin in circles and walk backwards, both of which you think are awesome. 

We call this move "hulk smash," we don't know why you do it but it is pretty cute!

You're still holding onto your morning nap. Some days, depending on when you wake up in the morning, we only have one nap right after lunch but I can tell that you are extra tired by dinner time. 

Speaking of dinner, your absolute favorite meal is spaghetti and marinara sauce. As soon as we put the sauce on the stove, you start asking for a "bite" or "more." Your Daddy and I are pretty certain that you  could eat it every day for every meal and never get tired of it.  You also love fruit - oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, blueberries, raisin, strawberries, pears, etc. 

You love to play outside! We have a soccer field near our home and you love to run across it and pick pieces of grass to share with us. It's always a treat when we can take you to Nana and Papa's backyard and let you run through their grass and dig in their dirt. 

You're still wearing all size 12 month clothes and we just moved into size 4 shoes. You are just so long and skinny - without your cloth diapers to pad your bum, a lot of your pants and shorts would fall right off your hips. 

Your hair is getting a lot longer with the back and sides starting to curl into little ringlets. You won't let me clip your bangs back off your face but you will leave the "Pebbles" 'do right on top of your head... Believe me, your Daddy loves that. :)

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