Wednesday, October 31, 2012

16 months

Sweet Olivia, this past month has been so much fun to watch you grow and learn. Your brain is absorbing everything! You are learning new words all the time and it's awesome!

In the middle of the month, you demonstrated how well you've been paying attention to momma and daddy because when you toot, we've always said, "whoo" (not sure why... We just said it,) and, now, you say, "whoo." Hehe. I'm now working on saying "excuse you.

You really started identifying body parts on others and yourself. Just a few days ago you pointed to your elbow (which is a big deal in brain development because it is across the center line of your body) and you said "elbow." It actually more like, "el-ow," but I'll take it! You also like to show us your belly button, all of your facial features, your hand, knees, toes, and head.

You've recently become very opinionated.
We ask: Olivia do you want your water.
You: no.
We say: do you want your milk.
You: yes

These opinions stretch to every part of our life. :) I love it because it means you are becoming an independent, strong kid. I know we'll have battles but were making it all work right now.

This month you've become a food dipper. Anything you can dip in peanut butter, hummus or ketchup is a hit. We're doing our best to buy the most natural version of these items because I'm not sure I'm willing to make my own. You also had your first taste of chocolate. I had envisioned this going down as a warm chocolate chip cookie or a bite of chocolate mousse but, instead, it was a stray chocolate chip that had been dropped on the floor. You must have found it and held it in your hot little hand for a minute before I noticed because it was mostly melted on your palm. I grabbed it and we were about to wipe of your hands when you licked your fingers and said, "yum!"

You still love music and you love to dance! You frequently point at my phone and ask for "mu." We then play Pandora or K-Love. Everyday, we read almost every one of the books that are on your shelf. You love to bring a book over, sit in my lap and help me turn the pages. We don't always finish the books but thats alright.

You love shoes and putting them on your feet, my feet and daddy's feet. It's most funny when you're putting Daddy's shoes on your feet because they're almost as long as your entire leg. 

You've also learned to "help" daddy work on his bike this month. It's really cute and a little nerve-wracking to watch (because bikes are expensive).

And, you love making animal noises. Lion (a very soft "roar"), elephant, and seal are the ones you've added this month. But, dog is still your all time favorite. :)

You did a fantastic job at the fall festival at church! You ran around like a kid who had never had so much fun! God bless your daddy for chasing after you the whole time. You also loved trick or treating. We went to the Compton's, Grammie and Grandpa's and some of their neighbors. You loved telling them what a puppy says.

Keep on growing and learning my sweet girl!

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