Monday, October 1, 2012

Redman Weekend

Russ did his seventh Redman two weekends ago.

He competed in half Redman, which is 70.6 miles total. (I promise, you'll never find me competing in one of these. Yikes!)

Look how low Lake Hefner is..... Nonetheless, it is still beautiful!

I had just come back from picking up Olivia to bring her to the race and I was really excited to point out Daddy to her... So excited that I didn't get a picture of his face and my finger is in the picture that I did get.

Olivia spent most of the time she was at the race running away from all of us. She's high energy!

Here's Russ in his finish sprint! He made great time, especially considering that he's traveled for work a lot this summer and not been able to train like he has in years past.

We love Daddy! (Even when he's super sweaty.)

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