Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Five Months

Capturing this month's photo was much harder than the first four because I'm now having to photograph a moving target. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we can now roll over! She first rolled over the Monday before Thanksgiving, she did it again once that Tuesday and once that Wednesday and then we didn't see it again until Sunday. But on Sunday, she was on a roll and began flipping to her belly anytime we put her down on her back! Yay!

I know I'm biased but I think my baby is so beautiful! And, she has become so very strong over the past five months. She loves to hold her head up and take in everything that is going on around her. I feel so very grateful for her.

We're still nursing. Olivia kinda, sorta tolerates taking a bottle. I'm hoping to introduce a sippy cup over the next month - maybe that will work better.

A mommy blogger I follow recently described nursing her six-month-old as trying to wrangle a rainbow fish. Olivia is just like this! She gets distracted by the littlest things, gets really excited to see anything that is going on and flails her arms almost the whole time, but, she's still hungry and gets irritated if the food isn't there right when she wants it. 

Her hair is quickly filling in and getting longer - it's awesome! What's not awesome? The fact that her finger nails grow at the same rate. I feel like I'm constantly filing them down after getting mauled while she's eating.

Olivia sleeps most nights from 8-4 and then until 6:30 or 7. And now, it's really interesting to see if she'll be on her back or her tummy when I go into her room each morning.

Olivia's main man is definitely her daddy. She lights up when he walks into the room, she giggles the most when he tickles her and she loves that he lets her play in the tub for lots of extra minutes.

We're just now embarking on the journey of foods beyond rice cereal. We tried peas and they were a definite no-go. Applesauce has just been introduced and it is going over much better. It must have been made from some slightly tart apples because the pucker she's given me a few times is hilarious! Wish us luck as we introduce more foods. (My fingers are crossed that she'll like more veggies than her daddy does because I need someone to eat stir fry with me.)

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