Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Month Stats

Olivia had her two month doctor's appointment this last Friday.  The check-up went really well and then we got to the vaccinations, which made her really mad. Poor kid. :(

She's 11 lbs 9 oz (53th percentile) and 24 1/2 inches long (97th percentile). She's still really long but on the slender side. She actually still fits in her newborn clothes with no problem; they're at that moment when they fit just right. I've started to put her in 3 month outfits and they're definitely roomy but they don't swallow her. We have so many cute, summery 3 month outfits that I want her to wear before fall really gets here.

The biggest side effect of the vaccinations that we noticed was that they made Olivia pretty sleepy but I still got some happy swing time out of her afterward.  

*Smiles with her fingers in her mouth prove that life wasn't so bad.*

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