Monday, September 12, 2011

Olivia's Baptism

Olivia was baptized Labor Day weekend at the church that I've attended my entire life and where Russ and I were married just over two years ago. It was a wonderful service! Our families and friends were right there as witnesses and the service was incredibly personal.

The flowers that were displayed in the church that Sunday were in Olivia's honor from her godparents. :)

Dr. Gorrell, who performed the baptism, has actually known my parents for a very long time. He and his college girlfriend set up my parents on their very first date. He likes to say that without him my sister and I wouldn't be born. 

She was very awake after the cold water was sprinkled on her head.

James and Amy have already blessed us immensely as Olivia's godparents.

This is my goddaddy Bob, he performed my wedding ceremony and my parents' wedding ceremony. Now, he is Olivia's grand goddaddy Bob. 


More family.

Even more family. (I love family!)

Olivia Michele with her namesake, my godmother Michele. (Please note the two handed finger sucking, lol.)

A baptism is a prime time to wear bloomers that have your name embroidered on them.

This was Olivia's first time to meet Andrew and she was loudly expressing her gratitude to him for videotaping her baptism. Thanks, Drew!

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