Thursday, December 8, 2011

Season of Advent

I love Advent! There is so much anticipation and joy that comes with this season!

We have three different Advent calendars distributed throughout our home. This one, I've had since I was very little. It was made for me by one of my Nana's good friends but I do need to replace a few of the ornaments because Roxy chewed on them... bummer.

Russ' mom made this one for us and it has chocolate.

Here's Olivia's calendar made by my Nana's friend. (Becca has one, too.) Hanging up these ornaments throughout the month of December has always been one of my favorite traditions and I hope Olivia looks forward to it the same way I do.

My Advent wreath, which my mom made because we couldn't find one already put together. Not at Mardel's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby - weird.

Happy Advent Season to you all! May your hearts grow full of joy and excitement in preparation for Jesus' birth!

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