Saturday, December 31, 2011

So long 2011, It's been wonderful!

2011 has been a big year for us. It's definitely been wonderful!


Announced to the world that we were having a baby.


Found out we were having a girl on Valentine's Day. (This dress was my Valentine's present from Russ.)

Visited Bandelier National Monument.


Went to Disney World and Universal Studios.


 Celebrated Easter and Olivia's baby shower, (which I don't have any pictures of... hmm). Here's Olivia's first piece of mail - an Easter card from her Grand Nana! 


Went to our siblings' high school graduation in OKC (the same weekend as the Thunder playoffs). 

Moved to Tulsa. Yep, my apartment has an orange wall in the living room... it's very different.


Took maternity photos at Theta Pond in Stillwater.

Met our precious Olivia.


The dogs were introduced to Miss O.

One month completed successfully!

First smile.


First cloth diaper.

Two months old.


Olivia's baptism

Her first pool experience.

Three months down.


First 5k.

Olivia learned to loved her playmat.

Four months old and Olivia's first Halloween.


I turned 25 years old.

Olivia tried rice cereal for the first time.

Russ completed his first marathon.

And then our girl learned to roll over and made it to 5 months old. (Holy cow!)


Olivia made bath time her ultimate playtime.

And met Santa and celebrated her very first Christmas.

2011 has been a year! I'm grateful for every experience we were brought this year and feel incredibly blessed.

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