Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Olivia - Two Months!

It's been two months since she was born - wow!

At two months:

Olivia is still a great eater! She eats every 3-4 hours during the day and has one stretch of 4-5 hours every night (more often then not, it's the five hour stretch. Mommy likes.)

She has really learned to love her swing. She has some great happy time in it most days. She likes to take naps in it and she has even hung out in the bathroom while I get ready some days.

She takes a bath two or three times a week and really loves it.  Russ and I like to give them to her together so that we can both talk to her as she smiles and coos at us.

Olivia has been in the Moby wrap and the Baby Bjorn - she took naps in both of them. :)

"Mom, I'm tired of you taking my picture. This has been going on for five whole minutes."

Olivia can be entertained for almost thirty minutes just staring at the ceiling fan in our bedroom.  She actually starts to fuss and get mad if it stops moving.

We did have our first experience of leaving a restaurant because of an crying kiddo this month.  She just didn't want us to get dessert - I'm certain she had our health in mind.

Olivia's personality has really begun to show. She can babble up a storm and tell us all types of stories! Some of these noises really intrigue the dogs, too!

* This outfit is one of my favorites - We first received it in a 3 month size and I was kinda bummed that I would have to wait so long for her to wear it, but then we received it in a newborn size, too. Yay!

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  1. Sweet Olivia, We are so glad you have come to be in our family! You bring great joy to all of us!
    Happy Two Months! Nana and Papa