Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miss O's First Pool Experience

This past weekend, Olivia had her first experience in the pool.

When we were at my godparents' on Saturday, Russ wanted to take her in for just a minute to see how she liked it...
(Please notice the audience watching Russ' every move from the back corner of the picture, lol.)

It would be an understatement to say that she definitely didn't like it... Olivia told me that the water was cold! It was a lot chillier then her bathwater, which she has begun to really enjoy. AND, it made her diaper all soggy. So I quickly grabbed her from her daddy, took her inside, dried her off, and got her all warm and cozy in her towel. :)

Afterwards, Olivia got to cuddle with me and Russ got to hang out in the pool with James - our good friend, my godbrother* and Olivia's godfather. It was all good.

*Godbrother is a word I made up a very long time ago. It's because James' parents are my godparents and my parents are his godparents.... thus, we're godsiblings. :)

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