Friday, June 17, 2011

Tulsa Apartment

Here's a  quick photo tour of our new apartment (taken the day we signed our lease).  We're pretty pleased with the complex and the apartment!

The Living room - Russ was really excited to see that the unit we were assigned has a fireplace.  I definitely wouldn't have chosen orange as my accent wall color ( don't get me wrong, I love my Cowboys) but I'm going to try and work with it.

Dining room.


Master bedroom.

Master bath.

Our shower has a seat in it! (This may be only exciting to me because I'm pregnant...)

Olivia's bathroom.

Olivia's bedroom.

My lazy dogs laying out on the patio.

Hopefully soon, I can show pictures of the apartment mostly put together but we've had some trouble with the moving company and I can't unpack quite yet... Please pray that Olivia doesn't come for, at least, another week and a half so that I can make this apartment feel much more like our home.

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