Friday, March 25, 2011

Vacation favorites - Magic Kingdom

Yes, this prego lady did some of the rides at Disney World, but only the ones that I was allowed to ride. :) Which was fine by me because, for the most part, I'm not the hugest fan of roller coasters and definitely not an adrenaline junkie.

The Haunted Mansion has always been one of my favorite rides. I know some people may think it's hokey but I love it!

AND, I think all the jokes, such as these, are funny.

My new favorite ride involved these two timeless characters. 

This is proof that I didn't go to the vacation by myself. :) (Probably one of 5 pictures that includes my family members...)

 This ride was wonderful! It took you through the world of Pooh Bear and his friends. I enjoyed it so much that I (completely seriously and not really thinking of what this sounded like) said everyone needed more "Pooh appreciation." Oops. :)

While standing in line, we got to play with these screens that looked like honey was flowing over them. You could rub your hand over them and reveal images of the characters beneath. It was tons of fun!

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