Friday, March 25, 2011

Life Images

Here are some random pictures from the last week or so. I'm trying to get organized enough to put together some vacation posts but I, for the most part, only took pictures of the park and the rides not  my family.. which kinda makes it look like I went on vacation by myself. I'm working to get some pictures from my mom's or sister's cameras to prove that I was with other people. :)

Roxy intrigued by the Dug doll that we bought at Disney World (he talks).  The salesman at the store thought he was Bolt or, he's from "UP."We had to buy this doll because Roxy is Dug.

Sleepy puppies relaxing on a Saturday morning.

Pink tulips my mother-in-law left for me at the house when we got back from Orlando. (She stayed at our house and watched our dogs while Russ' brother and his friends were skiing nearby for spring break.)

My belly. You can't really tell in this picture but just minutes before I was really lopsided. Olivia and I had to have a chat about symmetry and how our bodies are symmetrical and she was throwing off my aesthetic by leaning real hard on the right side. :)

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