Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year Old

Holy frickin' cow! Olivia, you're ONE! I'm not sure my brain will be able to really wrap itself around this information for at least a few more months... and, then you'll be 15 months old, which is even older. Eeek.

You are the greatest blessing of your dad's and my life. Anytime you smile, grin, giggle, belly laugh, squeal, scream, babble or talk, it warms my heart.

Sweet girl, you're personality has just flourished over the last month. You love to share (and then take back) your food and your toys.  You love to wave to everyone at the store - no matter if they're looking at you or waving back and you'll give this super cute, impish grin to people as they're walking past us. 
You love to put your toys into drawers, containers and boxes (in, out, in, out). 
You LOVE books; I pretty much have the "Foot Book" and "Hop on Pop" memorized. 
And, of course, you love the dogs. They're your favorite. We have a baby animals book (which we read a lot, too) and you call the majority of the animals "dog." 

me: look at the baby lambs. They say "baaaa."
you: dog
me: the baby cats love to drink warm milk.
you: dog
me: a baby pig's nose is called a snout.
you: dog

Clearly, we're working on it.  I feel like I've heard to you get really close to saying "cow" and "cat." Either way, you love that book!

Since the end of May, you've had five teeth pop through the gums. You're taking it all like a champ! You'd only had those two bottom teeth since Christmas and, now, you've got a whole mouth full (at least, that's what I see in the changing geography of your grin).

You're sooooo close to walking by yourself. You cruise around on the furniture constantly and stand up/squat down whenever you want. We've seen you take four or five steps by yourself and you'll walk wherever you want if someone is holding your hand.  I think part of the problem is that you're such a darn fast crawler.  Why would you toddle across the room when you could crawl across and cut the time spent by 3/4s?


giving high fives
blowing kisses (at this point, she's only got the hand kissing part down, there's no releasing it yet)
giving her impish grin
cruising around the furniture
playing in her crib with her stuffed turtle, bunny rabbit and extra pacifiers after naptime
staring at the big kids at the store/church/family gatherings
crawling very fast
playing peek-a-boo (with any fabric, blanket, or hand towel that's nearby)
eating raw zucchini, cantaloupe, blueberries, cucumbers, watermelon and spaghetti
playing in the church nursery
laughing at the dogs
offering her toys to the dogs (which receives a strong "no" from her parents)
holding on to the legs of mom's and dad's pants.
saying (consistently): dad, mom, dog, ball, block, baby, hi
climbing on the door of the dishwasher
playing outside


diaper changes (not all the time, mostly when she's tired)
being in her car seat when it's too close to dinner time
when the dogs make any noise that could mean they're in pain (this makes her very upset)
being in the swimming pool when there are lots of people surrounding her

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