Wednesday, May 30, 2012

11 months

 I think I may choose to be in denial... There is no way that my baby is one month away from being a FULL year old. It's crazy how quickly the past year has gone!

My sweet girl, this month has flown by! I swear it was only yesterday that we took your ten month picture. Your personality has blossomed over these past few weeks; you have become more outgoing and so much more talkative. When we're at the store, you frequently start talking to other shoppers. (You've also figured out how to wiggle yourself around to facing backwards, which terrifies me.)


music (we have the toddler station and the Disney station on Pandora)
standing (sometime without anything to hold on to)
our dogs - they make you so very happy!
playing outside, going for walks, playing in the kiddie pool.
watermelon, blueberries, cantaloupe, turkey, spaghetti... so far, you're a great eater!
playing with all types of non-toy items that make fun noises (tupperware, paper, DVD cases)


Being put in your car seat when you're already tired or you've been in your seat already for too long.
Having to face me in the shopping cart when all the action is occurring behind you.
When anyone is drinking out of a straw but not sharing with you.

You've definitely started talking more this month.  Not a whole lot of distinct words yet but you definitely use the rhythm and sounds of a conversation. The words you do say are: dog, dad, mom, ball and hi.

This month, we also lost one of your great grandfathers and it was a wonderful blessing for everyone to have you around.  You made people smile and made them very happy.  Thanks, kiddo. You're wonderful!

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