Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 months

I know this is really big but it''s hard to read if the caption is smaller.
This month has literally flown by! This is the first weekend we've been home in eight weekends - crazy, I know! We had many different obligations that were all stacked in a two month time period. This past weekend has been wonderful, restful, lazy, amazing, etc. It was the perfect way to end Olivia's tenth month.

Olivia, when I look at you I see a full-blown individual! You have so much personality and take on your world at full speed. Even when you're getting tired and we can see that exhausted look in your eye, you don't want to stop. Sometimes, you'll lay your head down on the floor or the edge of the couch for just a second but then you'll pick it up again because you have so much you want to do.

You have very strong likes and dislikes.

Our dogs! You love to follow them around, give Roxy her toy and share your lunch.
Going for walks.
Playing outside.
Anything that crinkles. Ex. the cough drop bag, wipes container, plastic bag that surrounds my Reader's Digest....
Eating turkey, chicken, beef, pork, egg... All forms of protein.
Cheerios and blueberries.
Climbing the stairs. Seriously, you (and I) went up those stairs a half dozen times just today.
Bouncing/rocking to music. (You totally were jammin' to Spice Girls the other day!)
Waving at people as we take our walks or are walking through the store.

Her Daddy was holding the blanket up so it wouldn't fall again.
Being told "no."
Being physically stopped from doing something (ex. eating paper).
Being put in your car seat after a long day.
The pharmacist at Target. (True story: twice in one week you screamed at this poor lady. I have no idea what it is about her that upset you. She was just complimenting your awesome, chubby cheeks and then you started wailing and crying big, fat tears.)
Being overwhelmed by a new situation with new people all focused on you.

You're always talking to me and your dad! You very distinctly say, "dog," "dad" and "mom." You babble a ton of other syllables in this sweet little voice almost all of the rest of the time, too, except when you use your guttural dinosaur voice and then you sound kinda scary.... Hold onto that voice and we'll have some fun with the characters you dress up as for Halloween. :)

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