Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pregnancy Thoughts

Here are some funny things that pregnancy has brought into my life:

At Russ' work, different people give him advice for how to deal with a pregnant wife and I love to hear them when he comes home! So far, it has been suggested that he do the dishes and vacuum (things that my husband has helped with for a long time), that he be prepared for me to be uber-hormonal (we've, fortunately, avoided this so far) and that a few weeks after the baby's birth he should send me to a spa, nail salon and/or hair salon. :)

At my work, I always feel like people check out my belly when I walk into room before they talk to me... I'm not particularly big yet but the admin whose desk is close to my office always checks my bump (or lack thereof) when she first sees me in the morning. Clearly, my belly has presence!

Facebook somehow knows I'm pregnant and gives me a ton of maternity clothing/baby gear ads on the right side of the site.

I'm trying to eat a wider variety of vegetables. It's hard when your husband can really only tolerate the mixed veggies that consist of green beans, corn, peas and carrots. I have a bag of frozen broccoli, squash and cauliflower that I'm slowly working through for my afternoon snack when I get home from work.

People always seem to ask me if my first trimester was bad... I say no because it's all relative and I totally survived. :) Then they say, "so, no morning sickness" and I have to then say that I had plenty of it but it was almost always done before 8 a.m., rarely affected my workday and protein made me feel much better most days (gotta love Slim Fast bars in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). 

That's all I got right now. I'll try to remember more of these random thoughts for posts like this in the coming months. :)

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  1. You're adorable. I LOVE hearing about all the adventures, random thoughts and cravings. You're just so, so cute!