Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to My Honey!

Here's big shout-out to my awesome, totally cool, incredibly handsome husband! He's ever-patient, loving, hilarious, creative, diligent, focused and a whole host of other complimentary adjectives. :)

Russ and I are very different in some ways and incredibly similar in other:
  • We both have a strong love and devotion to family.
  • Our faith in God's divine plan for our lives is incredibly important.
  • We love the original Star Wars.
  • We prefer wine to beer. We took a wine tasting course at OSU and we've taken two wine tours in Sonoma (here is a walking tour that makes my heart go pitter-pat).
  • We're very detail oriented.
  • Our doggies and all their wet kisses bring joy into our lives.
  • We aren't partiers, never have been. I guess we just missed that part of the typical college student's life. My mom would say that we have old souls (sounds poetic, I think).
  • We love slapstick comedies (old-school Adam Sandler is a favorite) and almost all Pixar movies.

  • Russ loves video games and excels at them; I'm terrible.
  • I love to dance; Russ prefers to sway.
  • Russ does long-distance triathlons (like 70.3 miles total); I'm a groupie and that is all I will ever be.
  • Russ' preference for vegetables is nil; I love fresh vegetables - raw, stir-fried, roasted, etc. Delish!
  • I love romantic comedies (Sandra Bullock? Heck yea!); Russ prefers action (Vin Diesel and Arnold appear in several of his movies).
  • I LOVE musical theater; Russ tolerates it because he loves me. :)

With all these differences and similarities floating through our lives all I know is that we are stronger together then we are apart!

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