Monday, January 24, 2011

What a wonderful weekend!

We had the most wonderful, relaxing, nothing-going-on weekend!

We made/ate pancakes. I mixed up the batter and Russ manned the stove.

We went to see the "Green Hornet." Russ and I really liked it; thought it was pretty entertaining and funny. Baby B must have known the Kato was kicking butt on the screen bc I received a pretty active womb-kickin'. :)

We took a rather chilly walk around our neighborhood. All I can say is that it's good that Los ALamos doesn't have the wind chill that OKC has bc it would have been rough.

We watched "Home Alone 2" on the Netflix Instant Watch. There were so many jokes in that movie that I totally didn't get as a kid and it added a whole new dimension. (p.s. I love Netflix! We actually cancelled our cable bc we can watch so much through Netflix on the PS3 and the rest through Hulu.)

And I spent a lot of time on the phone with my mom talking about baby gear. She totally gets that I'm uber-thrifty and we don't want massive quantities of baby gear to take-over our small home before the baby is even born. :) Thanks, Mom!

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